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Introducing myself

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Introducing myself

Hello - From Australia. I've been a member for a week now and regularly visit the site now! I love it! I work full-time out of the home but I am very conscious of the food my husband & I eat. I grow all of our vegies and I make as much of our food as I possibly can fit into my days & nights! Working the hours I do does not mean I can put as much time into baking bread as some others can, but I use my bread machine as much as I can for the dough and then do what I can from there. I have my own sourdough starter on my bench that I feed everyday and now use for everything. Muffins, bread, rolls & pizza! And it is all turning out beautifully! Am totally addicted to this site!

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If you are going to have an addiction, this is about as good as it gets.  Welcome.


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It is a great site with many great bakers! I get so many great ideas!

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Hi, welcome Megsan  from Hamilton Hill WA (not far from FREO) i'm sure you will enjoy your stay at TFL

Best wishes Yozzause

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I'm from Mount Gambier, SA! I see there are a few Aussie members here. A fantastic resource is this site!