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While I'm waiting for my sourdough to bulk ferment (4th attempt in trying to get this recipe to work), I'd like to share my more successful attempt at baking.

Here's my latest attempt of baguettes, using SFBI's poolish recipe.


Don't have a crumb shot of the above baguettes, but here's a section from the weekend before.


While I very much like baguettes (and epis), I'm taking a break and making sourdough and my first sandwich loaf bread this weekend.  Sourdough has been very very painful, as it's often resulted in dense and chewy bread with no beautiful holes.  Based on the wealth of information on TFL, I hope to fix this.   Crossing my fingers.

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baggies you have!  They turned out very carbliscious:-)  Nice crust and the crumb is very good.  Great success!

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Wow.. they sure look very very good..or I would say they sure look like coming out of the boulangerie in France..and I am from France. How I wish I can produce baguettes like yours..



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Thanks for the kind words.  If I can make baguettes, you can too.  I am far from a savant, just practicing and trying to improve every time I bake.

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Hi - these look beautiful. I would love to try. Is there a link to this recipe?

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Dough Weight7.5
Pre fermented flour33%


Bakers %IngredientsKilograms

Final Dough

Bakers %IngredientsKilograms
  1. Night before, mix poolish, cover in plastic and rest in room temp
  2. Bake day, mix dry incredients, then adding water and poolish and incorporate completely
  3. Bulk ferment for 3 hours, with 3 stretch and folds. I stretch to chest height.
  4. Preshape, and rest for 30 minutes
  5. Shape, and proof for 1 hour
  6. Bake at 475 for 25 minutes (15 on steam, 10 minute off)

The bake in my oven is 23-25 minutes, depending on how well I preheat and what coloring I want on the baguettes. Please let me know if you want more detail, this recipe is more formula and doesn't elaborate too much on each step.



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Excellent, thanks! I will try this.

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wow nice looking bread! I like their shape...I'm still working on the shaping of my loaves and always have a little trouble transferring a long loaf onto the stone. I usually end up deflating it do you manage that?

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Thank you.  The photos on your site are great.  Really like the perspectives and focus, quite unique and great to look at.

As transferring a long loaf onto a stone, I'm still quite new.  Many misshapped breads in the recent past.  Two things I do:

1. Use a transfer board to move the baguettes from couche to peel.  Fortunately, SFBI is local and I simply bought their board.  But others on TFL have made their own, some simply using cardboard and nylon stocking.

2. The peel motion is a pull, like the magic trick of pulling the tablecloth and the china and stemwear remain on the table.

Recently, for my large loaves and when I am packing the oven, I've been using parchment paper between bread and peel. More consistent transfers for me, but haven't done baguettes this way yet.