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Hello from Orange County! (California)

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Hello from Orange County! (California)


I'm Rikki and I have been baking bread and for about a year now.  I am always trying to challenge myself so now I am attempting to "grow" my own sourdough starter to make some awesome, home made sourdough bread.  That is how I have found this site. 

I am a stay at home mother and I enjoy baking from scratch not only for the ability to put love into everything I cook but to take advantage of the health benefits as well.  My two year old daugher also loves to help in the kitchen, as she tries to knead her own piece of dough when we make our bread.

Happy Baking!


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Welcome to this great site of baking wherer you can share your experiences and benefit from other's as well.

Belive me, once you grow your own Sourdough to active and fully ripe and make your breads with it, you will surely forget about any other commercial sort of yeast that you may have used in your life. One reason for that is, apart from the health benefit lying therein in the use of sourdough, the aroma of the bread made with sourdough while baking in the oven is something cannot be compared to anything you have tried. And of course not to mention the beautifully caramelized crust and brumb texture, it's merely heavenly.

Take my advice, grow your own starter from scratch, pamper it, talk to it (i did :D), and make happy loaves with it, believe me the results worth the trouble.

Happy Baking.


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Thank You!  The starter is on day 3 today.  I have a daily picture log and, yes, I talk to my starter too :P  I am extemely excited to make my own sourdough!

 I don't like using commercial yeast,  mainly because we dont eat anything out of packaging or a box besides flour.  Everything we eat is fresh and commercial yeast makes me feel like I'm cheating in that aspect.  However, I did find a recipe to "expand" your own yeast so instead of dried yeast we will use yeast cakes, which is fine with me :)

Thank You for the warm welcome!