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Inside the Jewish Bakery wins International Association of Culinary Professional 2012 Jane Grigson Award.

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Inside the Jewish Bakery wins International Association of Culinary Professional 2012 Jane Grigson Award.

Just heard this wonderful news.   The IACP award, which is discretionary, is given to "a book that exemplifies Jane Grigson’s extraordinary ability to put food in a wider cultural context, using diligent but not pedantic scholarship. Jane Grigson, a cookbook author from the United Kingdom, was a prose stylist of high degree. The book should exhibit distinguished scholarship in the quality of its research and presentation."

 Hearty congratulations to you, Stan and Norm, for this well-deserved honor!   



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on the congratulations, and that the honor is well-deserved.  Thanks to you both, Stan and Norm.


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Congratulations, Stan and Norm!


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Congratulations, Stan and Norm! Can't wait to see that IACP seal on the covers of the next printing of ITJB :-)

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Compensation for all the tsouris.  -Varda

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What fun to read this headline.... "Inside the Jewish Bakery wins International Association of Culinary Professional 2012 Jane Grigson Award."Congratulations, Stan and Norm... it is fun to be making up the recipes in the challenge that we are awaiting the new semester's schedule for... it is fun to feel that "we" are a part of making the revisions for the new edition that will carry the IACP award sticker.... Wow!

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Thrilled for you!


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Congratulations Norm and Stan. What an achievement! I remember back when Norm first posted his wonderful formula for onion rolls here on TFL. I still make them and have my original printout. Look how far this has come for the two of you. Just wonderful news.



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Stan and Norm,

Large grin on this face and a warm heart to go with it upon reading this post.  I can't think of a more deserving pair to receive this award!!!  I am so glad that the 'powers that be' have taken note of the wonderful book you two have created.  A treasure for sure and I am glad that I am a proud owner of one of the 1st editions....which is already dog-eared and looking much older than it's few months as a resident in this house of mine.

Thanks for the post with such wonderful news :-)

Take Care,


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This is wonderful news!  The book is such a joy, and provides such context for the culture and tradition of some of the world's finest bakin. The book  inspires many of us.

Congratulations to Stan, and Norm, and all of the folks who tested, and contributed to this beautiful book!

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I am sure that many of you are aware of my health problems however I will endeavor to spend more time on this board beginning right now answering your questions about the book as well as technical questions about the recipes. I am sure you can understand how thrilled I am to receive this award being this is my first attempt at writing a cookbook. It is a true honor to be awarded and recognized such a famous organization as the IACP. I am really looking forward to getting back and active on the fresh lofe.. If you see that my typing and spelling has improved it is because I am currently using Dragon speak so I give the credit to the program and not me because my spelling and grammar still sucks. Thank you all for your support with this book.


ps. the last time I was posting on this board many of you tried to run me out of town on a rail I hope that all is forgiven  and things will be different this time.

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not only on the award, which was so richly deserved by both you and Stan, but on the favorable turn to your health issues.  I cannot grasp what you have been through even after you generously allowed Stan to update us.  I appreciate you trusting us all with some of the details so we might finally know some of what you have endured.  I imagine these have not been the first trials you have endured, but I hope they are the hardest in store for you, and that the future will all be less challenging.   For my part I look forward to your posts.

Best wishes for your speedy recovery.

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Welcome back, Norm.  So glad to hear you are recovering and congrats on the award. You should be proud.


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It is just wonderful to see you back on TFL!  I'm looking forward to your resumed contributions.

Congratulations on the award. It's well-deserved.

I'm glad you mentioned you're using Dragon Speak. At first I suspected an imposter was posting under your user name! ;-)

Stay healthy, my friend. 


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Congratualtions, Norm! you and Stan must have done a great job to deserve such an award. Must be a worthwhile effort, and time you invested in creating a bread book.
It is such a delight, also, to know that a TFL member is also an award winning Bread book author. Such exhilarating news!

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Norm and Stan on their fine book.  We are all glad Norm is feeling better too.