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Rye flour in the Denver area

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Rye flour in the Denver area

Hey there, fellow Mile-High Bakers!

I have a lot of trouble acquiring rye flour. I can usually only find the little BRM packets. But I recently discovered that the Albertson's on Broadway and Alameda carries rye flour in 5lb bags.  Waaay better than the little packets!

Does anybody else know where to get a relatively large volume of rye flour in this area? I've tried WholeFoods, Sunflower, and every KingSooper's and Safeway in my travel radius with no luck. I get my regular AP, WW, and bread flours from Bay State Milling in Platteville, but they don't carry rye.

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thomaschacon (not verified)

I get mine from Natural Grocers Vitamin Cottage.

They keep the rare grains like rye, spelt, etc. in their coolers, not on the shelf, so check the coolers first. They might have some of the shelves too, but don't quote me on that.

I go to the Arvada one. It has a great supply of hard to find grains and special flours.

(And the prices can't be beat).

Natural Grocers Vitamin Cottage

7745 N. Wadsworth Blvd

Arvada, CO 80003

(303) 423-0990

Mon-Sat: 7:56 - 8:04 (no idea re: the weird opening/closing times).

Sun: 8:56 - 6:06

Also check Whole Foods, but be prepared to 5x as much as Vitamin Cottage.

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thomaschacon (not verified) might give Dawn Foods a call. I think they sell rye in large quantity. By large, I mean 50 lb. bags.

They accept will-call orders if you pay in cash.

I get 50 lb bags of King Arthur flours from Dawn Foods, like Sir Lancelot and Sir Galahad.

Dawn Foods

5301 Peoria St # B


(303) 371-5100

Update: Dawn Foods is not a retail establishment. It's a distribution warehouse. You can visit their office to place (or pick up) an order, but you can't browse the shelves.

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Ogi the Yogi

white, medium or dark? 

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I second Vitamin Cottage.  If you have a VC near you but it doesn't carry it - they will always ship it to the store for you from another store so you don't have to run around town on your own.

You can also place special orders in the bulk dept. if you want a larger quantity than what they stock in their coolers.

Good Luck,


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Thanks, guys! I'll try the VC and definitely Dawn Foods. You've been a great help!