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No survivors

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gerhard's picture

No survivors

Was making white Easter Bunnies and had to throw the broken ones back into the melter and thought it made sort of a neat photo, it was taken with an iPhone and seems to have a green hue to it but the chocolate has more of an ivory colour..


aytab's picture

Can I come to your house, I want some white chocolate easter bunnies and I'll even eat the ones with no ears!!!


gmagmabaking2's picture

I can't hear you!

mkelly27's picture

We eat our dead.

dabrownman's picture

wondered where the zombie bunnies ended up.  I just assumed the vampire bunnies sucked all the chocolate out of them and they turned to dust when the sun came up.  Thanks for the reality check gerherd !

chykcha's picture

Very poignant. :)