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tartine madness continues...

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tartine madness continues...

hi gang,

the march tartine madness continues at my house!! my wife and i have peanut butter toast every morning on the french country bread! so we got the sandwich craving for a tartine tuna melt. this bread is so amazing! i can't believe how successful this bread bakes up following chad's exact recipe!! my wife thought the drawn out process was a bit much the first time i made it...NOW it's the only bread in our house!! if you are interested my wife has a food blog and she posted the pictures of the fantastic tuna melts we made with fresh sashimi grade tuna and homemade rosemary/fresh garlic/romano potato chips!!






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Fresh sushi grade tuna?   Now that's a tuna melt!

I love Tartine's 70%ish whole wheat.  Lovely holes, even better taste.