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bread recipe evaulation

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bread recipe evaulation

my mother used to make a white bread that was delicious, since she passed on, I started to make bread, over the last few years I was never able to come close, but a recent recipe I tried almost hit the nail on the head, the only ingredient I changed was using crisco instead of lard, wonder if any more experienced nakers might take a look at this recipe and see if there might be a way to keep the taste & texture by reducing the calories. this recipe was baked at 390-400 deg for 30 min makes 2 loaves. I am going to stay with this one so far, but as I mentioned if I could cut down on the fat & calorie, it makes delicious toast and sandwich bread.


- 1 pkg active dry yeast- 1/4 c warm water- 2 Tbsp sugar- 2 tsp salt- 1/4 c lard- 1 c hot milk- 3/4 c lukewarm water- 5 c flour (separated)- 1 c additional flour (if needed)
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some honey for the sugar, an egg or egg yolk for some of the fat, some cream for some of the milk.

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Aussie Pete

Hi Chetc,

Instead of lard which is full of cholestrol and sticks to your veins I use 30grms of olive oil per 500grms of flour. The calories are the same but olive oil is benefical for your health in limited amounts. Crisco does good healthy "NO CHOLESTROL" cooking oils. I use skim milk instead of full cream milk when making a milk loaf. This again avoids fatty cream and cholestrol and keeps the calories down as well. 

I'm not sure if this will give you the flavour your looking for but the loaf will be a bit more healthy. If I'm correct, lard or any "healthy oil" is only used for giving the bread a longer shelf life. Some bakers do not use it at all............Hope my limited knowledge helps.....................Cheers.........Pete.