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Cherry Ale Pecan Rye Bread

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Cherry Ale Pecan Rye Bread

I stopped off at Whole Foods over the weekend and couldn't resist picking up a bottle of Cherry Ale to try in a bread recipe.  I also picked up some coconut flour which I will have to try at some later point when I figure out the best use for it.

I have yet to include any nuts in any of my breads since my wife doesn't really like them, but I figured it was time to try a recipe with my favorite pecans.  Cherry Ale, pecans.....what goes together with these 2 ingredients, but some roasted garlic and rye.

I included some first clear flour to give the dough some structure and added some barley flour to make it even more interesting.  The final result was a bread with an excellent crunch, moist crumb and sour/cherry ale flavor.  This bread goes perfect with a nice bowl of soup or stew or some good cheese.


15.5 ounces 65% Hydration Starter Refreshed (I used my existing starter which is uses AP flour)

16 oz. Cherry Ale (room temperature)

9 ounces First Clear Flour (or strong bread flour)

4 ounces White Rye Flour

4 ounces Medium Rye Flour

2 ounces Barley Flour

6 ounces  Roasted Garlic (chopped)

2 ounces Chopped Pecans

2 1/2 Teaspoons Sea Salt

1 Tablespoon Pistachio Oil


Using your stand mixer or by hand, mix the cherry ale with the starter to break up the starter.

Add the flours, and oil, and mix on the lowest speed for 2 minutes.  Let rest for 5 minutes

Add the salt Mix for 4 minutes more on medium speed, adding more flour if necessary to produce a slightly sticky ball of dough.  Now add the garlic and nuts and mix until incorporated.

Remove dough to your lightly floured work surface and need for 1 minute and form a ball.

Leave uncovered for 10 minutes.

Do a stretch and fold and form into a ball again and cover with a clean moist cloth or oiled plastic wrap.

After another 10 minutes do another stretch and fold and put into a lightly oiled bowl that has enough room so the dough can double overnight.

Leave the covered dough in your bowl at room temperature for 1.5 to 2 hours and then put it in your refrigerator overnight or up to 3 days.

When ready to bake the bread, take the bowl out of your refrigerator and let it rest at room temperature for 2 hours.  After 2 hours shape the dough as desired being careful not to handle the dough too roughly so you don't de-gas it.  Place it in your bowl,banneton or shape into baguettes.

Let it sit at room temperature for 2 hours covered with oiled plastic wrap or a wet cloth.

Pre-heat oven with baking stone (I use one on bottom and one on top shelf of my oven), to 500 degrees F.

Slash loaves as desired and place empty pan in bottom shelf of oven.

Pour 1 cup of very hot water into pan and place loaves into oven.

Lower oven to 450 Degrees and bake for 25 - 35 minutes until bread is golden brown and internal temperature reaches 200 degrees.

Let cool on cooling rack and enjoy!


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It just has to taste great!  Over 40% rye, ale, cherry, pistacio, pecans. garlic..........  I think if we could find some 'Armadillo Necter' you would find a way to get it into some bread that tastes great. Nice bake...wish I could taste it.

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Thanks DA!  I just can't seem to control myself lately!  I gave one loaf to a friend at work and they loved it.  My first attempt using nuts was a happy success.

My latest creation is fermenting as we speak....sourdough with roasted corn, cracked wheat, whole wheat flour, spelt flour, some cheese and roasted potatoes....I went a bit crazy with the hydration so it will be interesting to see what kind of oven spring I get from this one....or it might end up being a flat bread :).

Thanks as always for your comments. 

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When I first glanced at your blog post, I thought you had made a dried cherry and pecan bread with garlic and ale!  Must say I was curious as to how it might have tasted :)

On closer inspection, sounds like an absolutely great bake, and can't wait to see how your current high-hydration project turns out.

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Thanks FlourChild!

I appreciate the comment.

I am going to try and bake the new one tonight and will post something tomorrow if I can or Saturday.  We have some beautiful weather this week, close to 80 degrees which is crazy!