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Hi from our Nation's Capital

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Hi from our Nation's Capital

Hello everyone. I'm located in DC, and have been baking bread for a while now. I'm just learning, and look forward to getting to know y'all and sharing ideas. From what I've seen on here so far, I've a TON to learn to even be considered a novice, but to me, learinng is the fun part. Thanks for the great resource and I hope to be able to contribute!

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This is, indeed, a great site to learn and enjoy all things bread-literally from everywhere on the planet!

When I read your intro line, I chuckled a bit because you have become a member of an all-nation forum and I'm not sure what to call the capitol-maybe "Home" (top left of the toolbar above). At one time Floyd (who started and manages this wonderful forum) listed all the countries from where people have posted. It was astounding!

So welcome to you in Washington DC! Hang onto your socks-you are on a great and delicious journey!