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sourdough APPLE IPAD app

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sourdough APPLE IPAD app

Hi All

Anyone tried the Apple sourdough app. Looks interesting but no reviews.


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Whats wrong no  TECH GEEKS out there

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I took a look at that app when you first posted it, but when I tried to get to the dev's website, the address came up as invalid.

That's a red flag to me, so I'll pass.

Why not install it on your iDevice and write a review?

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I'm a beginner sourdough user, and I'm very interested in the apps as well. I would love to read feedback on them from more experienced sourdough users, since I've only just started with my starter.

There are two apps available in the Canadian store:
Bread Baking Basics by Ruhlman Enterprises
Sourdough Calculator by Netanel Software

If a seasoned sourdough user could even just take a look over them in the app store (without buying them) and suggest which they would anticipate as better, that would give me a clue. Any help would be much appreciated! Thanks!