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cocktail rye bread

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cocktail rye bread

I am looking for a recipe to make cocktail rye bread, and where to buy a square pan less then 4"x4"x9". Like the store bought cocktail rye bread.

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Mini Oven

or something similar

or cut lengthwise your 2 x 4 loaf baked in a 4 x 4 pan    :)

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Peter Reinhart's Vollkornbrot (also Hamelman) is my choice for the perfect deli rye! Outstanding!

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Stuart Borken

I make the caraway rye bread from Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day.  I make it in baguette pans and it becomes these perfect size slices of appetizer breads.  I make both classic chopped liver and chopped herring salad and this bread if the perfect foil for each.

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try for pans and King Arthur for recipe.  Pam










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This is a recipe of mine - adapted from one by Jeffrey Hamelman - that brings me pleasure each time I make it.  Give it a whirl!

BTW- I just bake it in small loaf pans and that works well.