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Breads for charity event

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Breads for charity event

I've been asked to provide a few loaves each of a few different kinds of bread for a charity event (to sell) (so maybe 15 loaves overall).  I'm comfortable with just about any process and dough, but it can't be too involved just because I'll be doing this out of my small, home kitchen and space is at a premium.    Taste is important, but looks are almost as important - given that they'll be buying solely on looks and paying a 'charity price' for those looks.  

Any suggestions for some 'showpiece breads' ?

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I'd go with a simple French Bread recipe (low cost for ingredients), shape them into loaves and then use large scissors to cut them into "ears" of grain. There are probably pictures of that technique somewhere here on this site or elsewhere on the web.

Google "bread shaped like ear of grain" to see some examples.


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I believe you're referring to an 'epi'.

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I didn't know that's what it's called.

Do a Google Search on "epi bread" - the fifth link will show you step-by-step instructions.



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Might be even easier to do fougasse as a bread with some decorative appeal. Just search for it here on TFL.

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I'd suggest baking several types of quick breads as well.  They're easy, they travel well, and most people love them.  Maybe a pumpkin bread, chocolate pound cake, things like that.  Good luck!

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I made about a dozen loaves of french bread over 3 days for family last year at Christmas. I had the recipe down to a science-make preferments 12 hours before I would mix the dough. The dough was mixed and sat in the refrigerator overnight. It was shaped the next morning,proofed and baked. So -preferment mixed in the AM, dough mixed in the PM,overnight rest in refrigerator, shape/proof/bake the next am. I had quite a mis en place going with bags of premixed flour and salt in ziplocs all weighed out the week before. I varied a few of the loaves with sesame seed,poppy seed,onions and olives.

I've also done a spice scented fruit bread in miniboules-cardamom,coriander,golden raisins,craisins and walnuts in a honey whole wheat dough. It makes a chewy,delicious toast.

Brioche is ALWAYS a favorite and can be shaped into simple twisted batards or braids. How about Floyds Lazy Man's Brioche? He adds chocolate chips as filling.Simple!Delicious! His recipe has been foolproof for me. I have made variations with sourdough and also a pumpkin based. The one drawback is the cost of butter but I have very successfully done this dough with oil and butter both.

Monkey bread in large muffin molds for individual pieces or a ring pan for a larger piece is also a nice alternative.Do a savory version with parmesan and herbs.

For simplicity, how about a focaccia? The flavors for that are endless and it can be made with the french dough.

Hope this helped!


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a recipe for "french country bread" in the artisan baking section. Relatively easy to make (requires biga as a pre-dough, but that's not too bad), and looks impressive.

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A braided bread like challah has "curb appeal."  A three-strand braid is easy-peasy.