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Newbie: Help with BBA Ciabatta (fold sequence)

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Newbie: Help with BBA Ciabatta (fold sequence)

Hey all, I'm new. Not just here, but to bread baking. I've had some ok results, trying to learn every time.

I'm going to make Poolish Ciabatta from Bread Bakers Assistant. I am not clear on the folding and shaping instructions (despite the photos!)

1) Folding. Caption says to stretch it out, long, and fold it letter style. It only mentions one fold. But photo C appears to have the wrong shape for that. To my eyes it looks like a second fold,  90 deg. to the first.

What is correct?

2) Similar thing with shaping sequence. Caption B says to gently fold from left to right (whatever that means), letter style. But the the photo shows a loaf that looks like an envelope (left most loaf in couche photo, C). Letters don't look like envelopes.

Could anyone clarify?

Oh, one more thing if it's not too much trouble. 3) He says to make smooth, sticky dough but does not mention the windowpane test. Should it pass, or not for this bread?

Thanks in advance,


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all sides onto middle. Stretch right to center,l to center,top to center bottom to center is one way. Thats the way I usually do it but there are other ways. See  serch  above for more. Patrick

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I fold letter style then turn 90 degrees and repeat.

There isn't a 'proper way'. 

The answer is to keep it simple and consistent and deflate as little as possible. Also the timing is important, better earlier than later during the rising.

A dough that is smooth and sticky will likely pass the windowpane test anyway.