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Relocating to Providence, RI

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Relocating to Providence, RI

My wife has an offer for a tenure-track position in Providence. Anyone from there that can tell me a little about it? We'll probably be moving in June/July...




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Providence is home  (one of them)  to Johnson & Wales University where you will find a school of culinary arts and you should be able to find great pizza.


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I visited a couple times a year (she graduated in 2000) and had a very positive impression. Lots of good food both ethnic and high-end. Not much of a downtown though and kind of convoluted because of the river that wanders through the city. An acquaintance of some means who lived in north Boston used to drive down to PVD for dinner because he felt the restaurants were better.

A couple of decades ago Providence had the reputation of being a dowdy mob town, but it's really cleaned up its act. You should be fine there. Plus it's within striking distance of Boston and NYC.

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Seven Stars Bakery:

Best bakery ever.  There are 3 locations in Providence.


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Thanks guys! We've been googling like mad, and are looking at houses in the "Mt. Pleasant" area. 


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Mini Oven

Rhode Island School of Design is also in Providence.  My talented sister graduated there...  

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Ciril Hitz  also attended RISD.

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We're here! I've nearly finished unpacking my kitchen, and am about to fire up a new starter. So far, we're loving it. So many good places to eat...


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in and finding good places to eat.  Should be able to make a nice seaside SD starter there.  All kinds of stuff to see and do in a 100 mile radius.  Insurance is plentiful there too but hope you won't need any :-)

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I just got back from vacation in MA, and on the way there, I took a class with Ciril Hitz at his facility just outside Providence.  It was great.  The list of available workshops is at:  

Lots of fun, Hitz is a knowledgable and entertaining teacher, and you go home with lots of great bread.


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So much to say! I grew up there! Right off Federal hill
I love the city and surrounding areas, such a foody Mecca !
Housing is not an easy project, but there is housing you just have to look hard
If you look at surrounding cities as well, but the traffic can be horrible!

I adore Providence and am so happy my daughter chose to marry a " home boy" because I still go back all the time
Oh my it would take me a page to give you the short list!

Anything specific?

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We ended up in East Providence, and are loving it so far. If I can ever get the tradesmen out of the house, we might even finish unpacking! We're on round 2 of flooring and still waiting the electricians...