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My adapted "German Oat" bread

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My adapted "German Oat" bread

Thank you Ben and German Foodie for your input. I have done this bread now with a preferment but "snack" a blob of my starter from the refrigerator into my final dough. The bread comes out perfect every time. It is a very moist, rustic and very satisfying bread.

this is the final recipe: (makes 3 loafs @about 650gr dough)


120gr Rye (Pumpernickel)

130 BF

1/8 tsp yeast

250 water


300gr old fashioned oats (roasted)

600gr hot water

soaker and preferment 12 up to 16 hours

final dough:



430 gr AP

23gr sea salt

4gr yeast

1Tbsp Molasses

120gr water

( a blob of starter, not necessary)

mix preferment and soaker, then add all the other ingredients and mix about 8-10 min. Autolyze about 20 min, bulk ferment 75min, I did 2x S&F at 30 and 60 min. Be aware the dough is very wet, I use a bench knife to help with S&F and shaping.

Preshape , bench  ferment 20 min

final shape  (I bake this bread in the pan), brush on milk and sprinkle oats over the bread. 20min final fermentation

preheat oven to 465F, bake @375F for 45Min.