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Whole Wheat Honey Sandwich

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Whole Wheat Honey Sandwich

Made Floyd M's Honey Whole Wheat today. For the 1 hour whole wheat soak, I used 9 oz KAF White Whole wheat, 3 oz Hodgson's Whole Wheat, and 4 oz Bob's Red Mill Spelt. I use active dry yeast activated in 3 Tbs water. ~10 oz. total KAF bread flour. Added 1/3 C roasted unsalted sunflower seeds and 2 Tbs canola oil. Having read through the comments, I heeded Jmonkey's and others advice and did 2 stretches at 30 and 60 mins of the total 90 minute bulk proof. 75 minutes in the pans (afraid of overproofing with 3 Tsp of yeast), then 45 minutes in preheated 375 oven.

The crumb is ragged because it cooled for a grand total of 3 minutes before our son had a sandwich emergency brought on by a Chemistry II quiz! Tastes delicious! Thanks Floyd and everyone!




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Just to let you know you are not alone with ragged kids hang around the kitchen just so they can have a slice of bread right out of the oven.....

I have happily dropped the idea that a loaf must cool for 1 hour before being sliced in this house for I love nothing more than to see the huge grins on their faces as they gobble down their warm treats :-)

Thanks for the post and the reminder!


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Yeah, bread doesn't get a chance to cool completely here either, but it's me who can't wait.  I LOVE a slice of fresh bread warm from the oven with a bit o' butter on it or maybe a drizzle of honey, yum!

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Most of the time I try to wait diligently for my bread to cool, but I have many happy childhood memories of eating my father's fresh baked Limpa bread while still warm from the oven.   Your son will have similar memories! :)