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Daily Telegraph article, February 2012

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Daily Telegraph article, February 2012

The UK's Daily Telegraph published an interesting article on bread baking on 15th Feb 2012, with a plug for TFL in the readers' comments section.

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It actually makes me curious about doing something like that. Interesting that not one mention was made of any "Cottage Industry Law". I believe there are a number of hoops I'd have to jump through here in Wisconsin,USA.

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Obviously there was no licensing or home inspection - or they were cautious, and didn't even ask....


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I am sure that there are rules and regs in the UK but we do have a tradition of home baking items for sale by ladies in the WI.  They seem to avoid the worst excesses of the Health and Safety fas...ts - sorry, police, so perhaps this would be the same.  Ananda would be the one to tell us!

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Hi Richard,

Very interesting article! Thanks for providing the link and also pointing out the comment about TFL.

Best wishes, Daisy

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Living in California I would get shut down before I even got my starter going!!