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Perseverance, and TFL

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Perseverance, and TFL


Thought I'd post this.   I dug up this old photo I took of my very first bread that I tried to make, over a year ago.

I call it my "brain bread" or "poop bread" or something.  "Abstract Art" -- yeah, that's it!

For new bread bakers:  There is hope!   Keep trying.

(note:  I still consider myself very much in the 'newbie' category, but with reading of books, and much help from TFL, and some perserverance, there was hope...)..




*laugh*.   Happy baking!


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Not to be all wishy-washy or anything, but the greatest part (I think) about bread-making..   as with much in life:

It is the journey, not the destination.   :)

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My first loaves tended to look just like the bricks they are named after-heavy and lethal! But no more! The journey has been a few years for me and it has been wonderful and delicious fun. This is a picture of a Multigrain Bread I worked on. Here is a link to that post:

Keep going!