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Three Crusty Batards

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Three Crusty Batards

No big experiments or breakthroughs this week.  I had a promise to fulfill: my mother-in-law wanted a loaf of sourdough.  I made a batch of San Francisco Country Sourdough (–-my-best-ever…not-sure-why) into three half-kilo batards.  One served nicely last night as a platform for roast turkey sandwiches and tonight for a side dish with white bean soup.  One for M-I-L.  And one for the freezer.

I’m pretty pleased with the shaping: I essentially used a baguette-shaping method but without the extension of the length.  Proofed on a couche.

Good moderately sour tang with whole wheatiness, moist airy crumb and crispy crust.



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about those beauties!!!  Really fine batards Glen.  They must have been tasty too.

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Those are beautiful Glenn, great job.

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will I see you this Sunday in Santa Rosa?


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I appreciate the comments.

Stan, my Sunday schedule is uncertain.  There's a memorial service I should go to that day, and I'm not sure if I can do both.


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Sweet batards, Glenn!

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Gringe and shape and crumb...not to nick pick..but I think I remember you were having a problem with your bottom crust..still a little on the light side..maybe oven temp. needs to be checked or stone or it's just my eyes?