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Today's simple sourdough

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Today's simple sourdough


This is today's simple sourdough.  It is a 10% whole wheat, 90% white bread flour, 68% hydration, 2% salt, 1000 grams.   I did it lazy-man style -- just took a small amount of my liquid starter and fermented everything together for about 18 hrs at 50F, then warmed it up in a B+T for a couple hrs, then shaped, final proof, and baked.   The amount of starter was 3% of the dough.  No levain preferment or flour soaker this time.  Still came out very tasty!







Happy baking!


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Awesome crust colour. The new camera's doing a fine job. Nice!

I like your hands off approach.


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Thanks Phil!

I know nothing about photography but am having fun playing around with the ISO/shutter speed/aperture dials.  Also, the lighting.  At the moment, there is a mixture of a few 5500K CFC bulbs and 3200K incandescents.  Combined, they seem to produce a nice balanced light that reproduces what my eyes see pretty well, but I am still experimenting with it, as time permits.  

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These aren't bread pics, and aren't anything great as far as scenery, but a couple of test shots that shows the neat depth-of-field effect with the aperture, and different focus points.   It's really fun!



Same thing but with different focus:


For kicks I put the shutter speed to take a very long exposure, pitch black at night, overlooking the park and street outside my house.  This was  taken through a window screen also.   Still came out halfway decent.




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all for easy bread baking.  We can't always spend 3 days making a loaf of bread that tastes and looks good - like yours - nor should we have to either.  I'm glad you and Phil have alternates that work.   I'm going to try this.  Great photography too.  I just don't know why my cell phone won't take pictures like yours and PiPs :-)  My wife's birthday is this week.  Maybe she would like a nice camera....

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I agree, I think she just might like a new camera.  :)  

My first inclination was to go around my town snapping pictures of everything.   But the way things are nowadays, I'd probably get arrested or something.   Hehe.

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Great way to bake sourdough, gvz! excellent results! Still, though, a few stretch and fold along the way would have helped enhance the evenness and aeration of the crumb.

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Thanks Mebake, I also thought the big hole was a defect, but what the heck?  :-)   It wasn't due to a lack of stretch and folds, the dough was properly developed, but maybe I didn't de-gas it enough.   :)   

Oh well....  :)

Still tasted good.  :)