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Burgonyás kenyér.

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Burgonyás kenyér.

350 ml burgonya főzőlé  (én a tegnapi gombóchoz való burgonya főző- levet használtam)3 evőkanál olaj1 evőkanál ecet (20%)3 kávéskanál só1 evőkanál porcukor80 dkg BL 55 liszt2 dkg élesztő+ a kovászKovász készítése, sütés előtt 1-2 nappal.Kovász:140 ml víz15 BL 55 liszt1 evőkanál olaj½  kávéskanál só2 dkg élesztő


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Very artful baking indeed!!

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Those flowers would be gorgeous in any medium - but in bread?   Too beautiful.   -Varda

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Can anyone translate this to English?  These breads look amazing but I don't know what the post says.


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Machine translation. I do not know English, but maybe this is relevant. I want you to know to read!
Best regards! Terike
350 ml of hot potato juice (EN Valois potato dumplings yesterday I used the cookingjuices)
3 tablespoons oil
1 tablespoon of vinegar (20%)
3 teaspoons salt
1 tablespoon powdered sugar
80 BL 55 g flour
2 g of yeast
+ The yeast
Preparation of yeast, 1-2 days before cooking.
140 ml of water
15 BL 55 flour
1 tablespoon oil
½ teaspoon salt
2 g of yeast

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Dear ISand66,  I believe the recipe is in Hungarian and here is a good site to get it translated into English:


Joey the Doeyo

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Thanks for the info.

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Translation machine does not translate 'dkg'.    dkg = 10 grams

Flour quantities are:  in final mix 80 x 10 = 800 grams;  in preferment: 15x10 = 150 grams

Yeast quantities are 2 x 10 = 20 grams in both the final mix and in the preferment.

I believe the 'hot potato juice'  is water remaining after boiling potatoes, cooled.

This post illustrates process well and may help you too:

Go back and look through Terike's blog for more illustrations of her art.

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Thanks for the update!