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Hello from Scotland

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Hello from Scotland

Hello Everyone. 

After 8 years living in the Uk I am finally fed up with all this soft bread, which seems to be the only thing you can buy here. They look good , but as soon as you touch them, your fingers sink right into the bread with no evidence that there ever even was a crust. So, I decided to start baking my own, and what a difference . Beeing an newbie, i looked around , came across a recipe for a Ciabatta and just did it, and was the best Bread i had for a very long time. 

Then i stumbled on this website, and was amazed by all you people , so enthusiastic about bread, and baking ....and all the things i did not know , and still don't , about how to bake bread. Guess it was just luck, that the first one turned out so good. Well , anyway, got myself "Crust and Crumb", and started reading, baking and making .....well good bread, but not yet perfect. The Universe obviously decided , that my start was to easy, so it employed several obstacles in my way to perfection. The little dog gnawed on my book, thank good, most of it is still readable, the oven decided to work as he wants , not as i want, my old handmixer finally gave up on me in the middle of doughmaking ......but, i must say, i am having the time of my life here, and nothing will stop me from baking my own delicious bread . By now, my first sourdough starter is on his second day, a foccacio is about to be baked as soon as i finish writing this, and my new standmixer is already been ordered. 

I wanted to thank you all for already being a big help by all this little problems with yeast, what kind , how long and so on. This site is a wonderfull inspiration, and a relief, as i am not the only person crazy about bread , sooo......Thank you , all!