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Philly Cheese Steak

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Philly Cheese Steak


I'm looking for 2 things:

  1. a description of what you think is the "perfect" bun for a Philiy Cheese Steak
  2. a recipe for that bun

I now have access to a commercial bakery and want to try making these myself. They are not available commercially where I live. Thanks!

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The above hoagie roll recipe is, indeed, pretty darned close to a Philly Hoagie roll (esp. if you have similar water to Philly). A hoagie isn't a cheesesteak, but the roll is close enough if you don't have access to Amoroso Bakery.

Here's another recipe that comes close to cheesesteak rolls. It's not exact and has no detailed steps since it was passed down to me by my Philadelphian grandmother... but it works pretty well if you have good hard spring water. It's all in the water, I swear, because when I made these with chlorinated city water they weren't nearly as good.

2-1/2 teaspoons active yeast
1-1/4 cups warm water
3 cups unbleached flour (I use AP with a little ascorbic acid, I find bread flour makes them too crusty/chewy to be authentic)
2 teaspoons sugar
1 teaspoon salt
1 tablespoon olive oil
cornmeal for dusting

Proof the yeast. Mix everything but the olive oil. Knead for 10 minutes only. Lightly oil bowl and dough ball. Cover and allow to rise overnight. Punch down, add olive oil, while kneading another 10 minutes. Shape, cover and allow to double. Heat oven until a sprinkle of flour on the stone browns within 5 minutes without scorching (Around 425 in my oven if I trust the thermometer). Dust stone with cornmeal. Bake rolls on stone until golden (usually 10-15 minutes in my oven). Turn off oven and remove rolls when bottom knocks hollow (about 25 more minutes on my stone). Makes 6 rolls (about 7" long since you want them a little fat)