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Southwest Hummus Anyone?

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Southwest Hummus Anyone?

You just have to have some hummus with that great Pita bread you just made but don't buy that crud in the store that is just horrible and full a so many bad things, foul smells and  unusual tastes.  Make your own it is easy!!!  Here is how.  Simmer off till tender 1 1/2 cups of  dried Garbanzos (about an hour) that you soaked overnight in some home made chicken stock to cover and a bay leaf.  Let the beans cool in the stock in the fridge and drain off the liquid and reserve it in case the hummus is too thick or, better yet, to make garbanzo bean soup.

Take an onion and slice it width wise in thirds and put tooth pick in from the side to hold the onions together,  Slice some pieces of peppers (red, jalapeno, Serrano, poblano and hatch green also known as Anaheim) so the wide exterior skins lay flat.  Take some garlic cloves (at least 5)  coat them in olive oil and wrap in aluminum foil. brush the veggies with olive oil and grill them until they are nearly black.

Put the veggies in plastic bag or covered container or plastic wrap to sweat for 10 minutes so the skins of the peppers slough off easily.  Buzz the garlic, skinned peppers, onions and garbanzos in a food processor until smooth.  Add 2 T of Tahini (Sesame paste), 1 tsp salt, 3 T of lemon juice, 3 T of olive oil and buzz again until the Hummus is smooth as butter.  If it is too thick add some of the reserved hummus chicken stock.

Serve with those great pitas you just baked off !!!! 




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I will be making some 100% whole wheat sourdough pitas to go with this.  Thanks.  Terry R

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for your fresh Pitas......they deserve it!!!

A note: the picture of the roaasted veggies included the ones that I roasted for our Super Bowl tacos, so reduce everything all by 1/2 to get the correct amount for the Hummus.


 Take 1 Cof dried chick peas and soak in2”to cover water overnight or 8 hours.

Drain and put into3 qtpot.  Cover by 1”with chicken stock, bring to boil turn down and simmer until Garbanzo beans are cooked through – 25 to 30 minutes, adding water to keep beans covered.

 Drain cooked peas reserving the cooking liquid and place in food processor with ¼ C of cooking liquid.  Add:

 2-3 cloves of garlic

3-5 T lemon juice

1 ½ T Tahini (sesame paste)

½ tsp salt

2-3 T olive oil

 Process hummus until very smooth.  Add more 1 T of cooking liquid at a time if too thick.  Garnish with olive oil, fresh chopped parsley or cilantro and chopped green onion. Serve warm with toasted or warm pita bread, OR refrigerate.

 OR roast 2 lemons chopped in thirds, 6 cloves of garlic, and 6 sprigs of fresh thyme in ¼ C of olive oil at 225 fF or 2 hours and process in food processor until smooth.

 Spicy Hummus

 Make basic recipe but add ¼ tsp each; cayenne, cumin, coriander before processing.  Or add one fresh hot chili in place of cayenne.

 Red Pepper Hummus

 Make Spicy Hummus and add 1 or 2 roasted red peppers (skins and seeds removed) before blending.

 Sweet Potato Hummus

 Make spicy Hummus and add one small pealed roasted sweet potato and ½ T of sugar.

 Roasted Garlic and Onion Hummus

 Make hummus recipe above but instead of fresh garlic add 3 T of roasted garlic, ½ tsp of dried oregano and process.  Chop 1 green onion and ½ small roasted onion finely and mix into hummus after processing.

 Note: You can substitute canned chick peas or garbanzo beans, as well as, bottled roasted red peppers and you can omit tahini in any recipe if you wish.


1/2 C sesame seeds

1 tsp vegetable oil

2 T water

2 T lemon juice

1/2 tsp salt

1 tsp toasted black sesame oil

Buzz in a small food processor until creamy and very smooth.


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hmmmm...all this sounds yummy! i need to find the ww pita recipe...just search in this forum???

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swtgran below for hers?

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One of the things I love about hummus is that it is vegetarian. Making your own is so easy and delicious. If you want more flavor to your chickpeas, just add a smidgen of apple cider vinegar to your soaking water. Thanks to dabrownman for all the other variations!

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most welcome.  I too am eating much less meat mainly grilled chicken and fish adn appreciate great veggie dishes.  I also like summer squash, eggplant and sweet potato (skins on all)  grilled on the BBQ.  Just brush the 1/3" thick slices with olive oil both sides and shakes some salt, pepper, onion and garlic powder and most important your favorite garam masala - them grill both sides.  These are favorite veggies by far..