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Pumpernickel Recipe

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Pumpernickel Recipe

Greetings all,


Lately, I've been thinking about trying a pumpernickel recipe. I have only been baking for about a month now so I was wondering the difficulty level of pumpernickel. If it's not too diffictul, does anyone have, or knows of, a good recipe? Thanks!





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Depends on the kind of pumpernickel you are looking at making. If you are looking for a more "Americanized Recipe", I recommend The Bread Bible pumpernickel recipe. It is one that I modified and make at my bakery weekly with great review.

If you are looking for a more traditional, dense, German style - look to Jeffery Hamelman's recipes in the rye section of Bread. Many fellow loafers on here have made a few nice loaves that would help you get an idea on what to expect when working with rye. Horst Bandel's black bread is a good example.

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has a recipe you can try.  Don't know if it's what you are looking for but I have made their recipe before and liked it.  You can check out their site for the recipe.