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Hello from Oxford, Mississippi

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Hello from Oxford, Mississippi

Greetings from the northwest corner of Mississippi. I just stumbled upon and I must say: I've fallen in love! I'm excited to be here and learn from the wealth of knowledge offered from the good folk on this site. I'm new to bread making and just looking to learn. I've made three loaves thus far and each one has been an improvement on the last. I'd like to start experimenting with some more difficult recipes and new techniques. I'm especially intrigued with the steaming process. I'm a little afraid to try it, though since I'm living in a house owned by a friend and I don't want to break his oven. Anyways, looking forward to spending more time on here!





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And if you are afraid of breaking the glass in your friend's oven door, you should just cover it with a towel, before you pour your hot water in the steam pan.

Greetings from Maine (originally Germany)


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Welcome to this great site... enjoy!