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Putting the Rye in Pierre Nury's rustic Light Rye

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Putting the Rye in Pierre Nury's rustic Light Rye

After finding out the Pierre Nury's Rustic Light Rye didn't have much if any rye taste or earthy taste either, I decided to try and see if I could get more rye taste and earth flavor without totally compromising Pierre's fine SD bread completely.

The changes include home grinding whole rye berrys and adding 25 grams more to make 75 total, adding 50 gramsof home ground whole spelt berries and deducting 75 grams of bread flour to keep everything in balance.  I also  lightly slit the loaves before they went into the bag for final rise to try to get them to rustically split on top. 

I really like this bread with these small changes. It kept all the great character of Pierre's original but produces more and deeper rye flavor and sour.  The spelt also gives the bread a very nice speckled brown crumb - something a Brownman appreciates :-)

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I can imagine that adding a bit more rye and substituting some white flour with spelt improved the taste. I use a lot of spelt.

Happy baking


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something about spelt that makes bread taste more earthy.  I like the taste if my variation very much and it does have a more rye taste.