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My first bread after joining TFL - DSnyder's San Joaquin

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My first bread after joining TFL - DSnyder's San Joaquin

My first attempt at making SD using S&F, long retard and David's parchment paper technique.  The only change I made was using 50 g of home ground WW berries instead of the rye that David used.  No rye to be found anywhere.  I also used a WW, and AP flour build for the levain.  I'm not sure what David's was but I am guessing he had some rye in it.  I was very happy with the  results.  Nice exterior crust, great open crumb and fine taste.  It was better the next day too.  I liked it with oiive oil, fresh basil, pecorino, parm and pepper.  On Davids's blog you see my ordeal trying to bake the San Joaquin.  He said my saga proves his recipe is bullet proof :-)  It is bullet proof too!   There is also a photo of my second recipe of my home made Puff Paste Blueberry Cream Cheese Braid inspired by the one on TFL with bread instead of puff paste.  What a great site for bakers like me!!!


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The San Joaquin is our "second" "house bread", just behind the Pugliese also from DSnyde...

Yours look excellent - lovely colour, good crumb - great stuff!

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to try Pugliese if you rank it better than Davids' fine San Joaquin.  Thanks for your kind critique !

Happy Baking!!

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a clay oven? Your breads look so good, to me they are perfect, the crust, the color, the crumb and everything is just perfect, If do a bread like yours, I'll consider myself a baker, hahaha, my last name is Baker, haha.

Anyway, just wanted to say your bread is incredible, but if this is your first time baking bread, then you have tremendous talent.  If you have the recipe, I like to see it, thanks!



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fine comments.  I am undeserving if flattered :-)  I have been make SD since 1973 but didnlt really get anything worth much till about 3 weeks ago when I found this site,  David Snyder is the master baker of San Joaquin at TFL.  Please go to his blog to see the recipe.

I subbed WW instead for the rye for these loaves.  At David's blog you will see my 'Saga' as David calls it, that I went through to bake these breads.  I just love TFL and have learned more about bread in 3 weeks than I did in 40 years!!!  You will too and be producing fine loaves in no time.

I don't have a clay baker, but I do have a Wagner Ware Magnatite roaster that I recently used to make another version of my Multigrain SD Challah.  It came out so well, with the darkest most crisp and chewy crust I have ever managed.  I will post about it later today.

Once again thank you and Happy Baking.  With a baker's name it is only a matter time to live up to it - right?