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Sourdough Whole Wheat No-knead Cinnamon bread

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Sourdough Whole Wheat No-knead Cinnamon bread

I had a taste for cinnamon bread, and I had just finished a two-day feeding of my starter. So I just improvised a little from the standard no-knead formula and came up with this handsome fellow. The smell was magnificent as it was baking, and this loaf had an 18 hour fermentation.

Baked in my oblong cloche

11 oz. All purpose flour

5 oz. Stone ground whole wheat flour
1/2 C Cinnamon chips (you can add up to another 1/2C, but no less)
1-1/2 t Kosher salt
1/2 C Sourdough starter (vibrant)
14 oz. Purified water at room temperature

Blend starter with water until all you have is milky colored water, then mix everything together as you normally would. Allow to ferment on the counter for 12-18 hours before shaping.

No-knead directions for beginners avsailable on my website at


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We love this.  It tastes like a really good cinnamon raisin bagel.  We're makin our second loaf now!!


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I made this a couple of days ago and used a full cup of cinnamon chips...much better than the 1/2 C loaf .This morning I cut two slices about 3/4" thinck, and made French Toast with them. OMG, all I needed was a little syrup and I was in heaven. For the custard I just mixed an egg with a little half-n-half and 1 tsp of my homemade vanilla. Pan fried in butter until carmelized on both sides and get ready for a little taste of heaven.

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and no knead makes life easy and the crust looks great but, what is a cinnamon chip?  Never heard of it before.

Thanks for the recipe. 

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Sorry for the late reply. Cinnamon chips are similar to chocolate chips. I buy mine at a nearby Amish bulk foods store. they can be ordered online as well, but at a premium price. Check with your grocer to see if they can get them for you. Mine said NO (Giant Eagle) because they didn't know if they would move. A local bakery may be able to get them for you as well. These were $3.50 per pound.