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Started my yeast water 5 days ago

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Started my yeast water 5 days ago


using Minneola tangelos and apples. The Minneola pulp clouded the water so much I couldn't see any bubbles but there was a little 'swish' of air when I opened the jar. Today at day 6, I drained off the water and reserved the solids. I put the water back in the jar with a pinch of sugar and another 1/2 of an apple. Should I have put all the water back or half with some new water? I took the solids and about a tablespoon of the juice and mixed it with about 2 T of flour hoping I can see some signs of life in it.

Have I done the right thing with my YW? When can I refrigerate it and what should I do to it before I cool it? Any help would be most helpful.

I just love the TFL site after being here a week or so.