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[ITJB Challenge] - Week 8: Onion Rolls

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[ITJB Challenge] - Week 8: Onion Rolls

It's week 8 in the Inside the Jewish Bakery Challenge - Semester 1. This week is Onion Rolls. Sadly, I'll be sitting out the next few dessert-heavy weeks.

Once my confusion over how to deal with the onion mix was clarified (thanks all) this proved to be an easy, fast bake (in terms of actual prep). My notes follow:

  • I used 1 oz of the onion water and 9 oz plain water
  • My egg was almost a full ounce heavier than called for
  • I used 100% milled wheat, a 50/50 mix of hard red and hard white.
  • My cooking time ended up being around 25 minutes.

These are tasty and the outside is crunchy. They aren't overpoweringly onion-y, which I'd been concerned about. I think the flavor would be improved if I make a soaker with the whole wheat next time and let it sit in the fridge overnight prior to adding yeast. I'll make them again for sure.


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What a nice crust you got.  I made the onion pockets but my family decided they aren't fans of onion in bread BUT I like baking things with onions because of the aroma...

So I think I will look these up and follow your suggestion about the soaker and make them as give aways!

Thanks for the post and the notes!


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Thanks! Yes, the smell was absolutely wonderful.


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Those look like they'd make the perfect Bialy-type breakfast roll, with lox and cream cheese.  Very nice.

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My favorite use so far has been to serve them on the side with bunless mushroom cheeseburgers. I may try them with ham and eggs this morning, breakfast *does* sound good...



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I must say that these rolls got my mouth watering just looking at them.  Would  you mind giving me the recipe, as I would love to try them.  Thanks and have a great day !