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Just a hello and some appreciation.

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Just a hello and some appreciation.

I LOVE this site!!!!  I've learned so much just in lurking around. I finally posted a help in the sourdough section and I'm anticipating learning alot.  It's so cool to see so many people willing to share their knowledge and guide beginners around. A great community feeling.  I'm fairly new to bread, have done some instant yeast etc breads but have moved on to wild starters!!!  My only hope is to one day be half as knowledgable as some of the people on this site who have probably forgotten more does that saying go....than I'll ever learn?  Well I don't want to say that exactly cause I hope to learn alot. Anyway, thanks for your generosity and hopefully there will be more and more people getting back to the food basics, cooking and baking at home!


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Hi Matina

Welcome to TFL. As you know, there a lot of experienced bakers here and a lot of advice can already be found on the forum but folk will be happy to help if you are having difficulties with baking. You only have to ask!