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Six fold baguettes

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Six fold baguettes

One of my cooking projects for this year (I even blogged about it) is to make decent baguettes.


This is my second attempt using the proper shaping technique, and I feel I'm getting there, however, the final adjustment I must make is halve the recipe and make 3 baguettes with it, instead of 4 baguettes with the full recipe.  Now that I got the shaping more or less under control, I noticed that I could make much longer baguettes, but had to kind of "squish them back" to fit in the baking tiles in the oven.   IN other words, before, when my shaping was pathetic, the baguettes would fit in the oven because I was unable to do the stretching.  Now, the shaping is good, but the oven is not big enough


what is a poor woman to do?  Adapt, I guess.   So next time I'll make three baguettes, hoping that they will be thinner and just long enough to fit my oven. 

Is my reasoning correct? 



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... it's Hamelman's recipe, but I guess most people here are familiar with it...


very forgiving, very nice dough to work with. I stayed at 73% hydrration, next time might go for 75%

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How's that for advice?


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those look marvelous... and long enough for me!

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Well, that's the thing, I had to "squeeze" them back to that size, because when I was done stretching they were longer. Even with the squeezing, the ends of two of them had to hang out of the tile, and the baguette got a very unattractive curved shape


anyway,  I will see if I can get a bigger house, with a bigger kitchen, so that I can install that bigger oven, and not worry about adapting the recipe  ;-)

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Says she, having baked so well in the LA nano-kitchen! 

The baguettes look delicious, so now just have fun working out what ratio of the Hammelman formula works best for your oven - that's the joy of baker's percent.

Cheers, Robyn

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Ah, very funny guy.... very funny...



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