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Had a physical yesterday, I've gained 18 pounds since Thanksgiving, and my blood pressure is up as well. I'm going to have to pass on all the sweets baking scheduled for ITJB I think, just out of self defense...




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Love of desserts, a Mexico trip and Christmas baking were enough to pull the emergency break. One week of tea, juice, bouillon and water à la Buchinger - voilà, the jeans are fitting again, and I can bake with a vengeance.

Good luck with your loosing weight,


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That is how rational, responsible people respond to information about their health. (Talking to you, Paula Deen. . .)

Although surely, you could find a poor hypoglycemic soul to consume the fruits of your labor, so that you can still enjoy the baking process? 

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thomaschacon (not verified)

I'd gain 100 lbs. a year if I couldn't donate loaves to the local soup kitchens.

Tip. If you donate, they prefer sliced loaves. Lots of hungry people, but not much help in the kitchen. 

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Hi Loyd,

As yy stated above - if you love baking - give it away!!

I can't eat anything I bake but I MUST BAKE and I bake daily.  I give 80% of what I bake away to neighbors, friends, clerks in the stores I shop at on a regular basis, our trash men, my son's soccer coach and his parkour coach and some goes to my daughter's teachers the list continues to expand on a regular basis....

With breads I have gotten into the habit of making a loaf plus a few rolls (I use about 85-100g of dough and shape it into a single knot.).  Depending on how full our bread box is I either keep the loaf for us and give the rolls away or I do the opposite and keep the rolls and give the bread away.

By milling my own grains and using sd the cost is minimal.  Much cheaper and more effective than psychotherapy :-)

Over the holidays I dabbled in making sweet stuff and most of that was given away too.  I prefer bread baking to the sweets.

People are really happy to get freshly baked bread and I am really happy to give it to them.  My kids know the routine now.  I let people know when I have a loaf for them and I put it in a basket in our entry way.  They usually stop by when walking their dogs or are on their way home from are happy to hand out my wares when I am not at home tho' some of their favorites they hate to see exiting our house.....(I made brioche the other day and gave most away....big frowns here....)

This could be an entirely new adventure for you Loyd :-)

Take Care,


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Thanks for the feedback all! I'm going to continue to bake bread as per normal -- I'm just not doing any of the pastry/pie/cookie/sweets anymore. :)