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Hello from Northern Cal......

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Hello from Northern Cal......

I love to bake bread. I finally upgraded from plain old white back in the 70's, to whole wheat to multi-grain and recently to artisian type breads. I have a Wonder Mill to grind my flour and a Kitchen Aid 6 qt for the days I don't feel like doing all the kneading.

I also am an avid canner. Last year over 1500 jars of goodness. Nothing better than home grown and processed strawberry jam on home made bread!


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Welcome to the forum. Lots of great people and information here. Sounds like you are much further along than myself. I don't have the resources here in the burbs to do any canning, nor the inclination to do so. However, growing up poor in a small town in Michigan I have some fond memories of helping my mother can all sorts of veggies.


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Jams are the only preserves I do. But homemade strawberry or blueberry jam taste so much better than store bought one (I always reduce the sugar and add some lemon juice). Here, also, a lot of rosa rugosas are growing along the shore path, they make wonderful rose hip jam.

Welcome to TFL,

Karin (from Maine - originally Hamburg, Germany)

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Welcome to TFL.  This is a wonderful site and a great place to give and receive.  Glad you're enjoying artisan bread baking.  It is so rewarding.

Joy (from Santa Rosa)

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Welcome to the site. Wow, 1500 jars of anything canned sounds like a commercial operation.


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  1. Thanks to all for the warm welcome. No, Eric, I'm not a commercial op. Just a wife with a large garden, 5 "grown" kids, and a Hubby working out of town last summer! The kids all think Moms pantry is the grocery store. But #1 and #2 sons help with the garden, and #2 son is a great canning help. And as long as they return the empty jars, I'm happy.
  2. Pigz