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Hi-gluten or high-gluten?

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Anonymous baker (not verified)

Hi-gluten or high-gluten?

Hi-gluten or high-gluten?

I suspect both are correct and neither, but open to any explanation.

Lo-gluten look ridiculous, but low-gluten does not, at least to me.

(To self: Aren't we being a bit Jesuitical, Thomas?)

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What's wrong with high gluten? "Hi" is word, but it's a form of "Hello" not a description of amount. Marketers use it to imply "high" without actually saying "high" so it tends to mean "not high at all" in that common usage.

There is no need that I can see for the hyphen, either.


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thomaschacon (not verified)

There's seems to be no concensus on "hi" vs. "high".

You see both usages.


I don't think there's any difference between "hi gluten" and "high gluten" flours. 

Is it just marketing obfuscation or is there something more to there being multiple naming conventions for this type of flour?


Interesting tidbit on hyphenation: "Compounds that might once have been hyphenated are increasingly left with spaces or are combined into one word. In 2007, the sixth edition of the Shorter Oxford English Dictionaryremoved the hyphens from 16,000 entries, such as fig-leaf (now fig leaf),pot-belly (now pot belly) and pigeon-hole (now pigeonhole)."

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"Hi, gluten!" is what I say to my loaves when I peek in to see if they are ready to bake yet. ;^)


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thomaschacon (not verified)

If it answers back, be very concerned! :D

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Seriously, where can I buy h-g flour without having to pay those nasty shipping charges?  (I live in Sonoma County--so maybe Central Milling in Petaluma?)  Does Whole Foods have some by any other name (hard red winter wheat perhaps?).  I'm out of my last bag of All Trumps (bagels in the freezer but what about next time?).  

Hi and 'bye,