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No Knead Bread gone wrrong

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No Knead Bread gone wrrong

seven days ago - I baked my usual two loaves of NKB which turned out to have a sour taste. I commenced a new batch - everything the same and after the suaul 20 hours of doing what it does - the dough has a sour smell - I used a new bag of flouor same brand - everything else is the wame. Anyone has any idea please - I miss my lovely smelling bread



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If you're following the same recipe and not usiing a sourdough starter, my first guess would be that it's rising at a higher temperature-- since it's warmer outside now than it's been any other time since the original NK recipe was posted... Well, in the U.S. anyway.  And of course, that's assuming you're not raising it in a fridge or something...


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Mini Oven

Even if it's new, the flour could be rancid from summer heat if it was poorly stored before you got it.  Taste your flour to see.  And?   Mini Oven

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Thank you for the replies - the temperature was around 25 C or 75 F deggies - in the past I had the dough rising volcano like in days of 90 F deg and it made wonderful bread - tasted the flour and that did not seem rancid - I think I'll buy new yeast to start of with and go on from there - I do get a nice crumb on my NKB and will post a piccie shortly

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Hello everyone!This is my first post. I just now joined. I am a beginner baker. Someone recently gave me a no knead bread recipe. I can't believe I actually made such a beautiful loaf of bread. What is the theory behind the recipe?