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Sourdough Flavored Loaves

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Cycling Baker

Sourdough Flavored Loaves

I bake about 60 loaves a week that I share with coworkers and friends.

My personal favorite loaf is my 100% whole wheat sourdough, but my white flour loaves with extra ingredients (olives, walnuts, etc.) are the most popular. I've come up with several flavors and I'm looking for more.

This is the base recipe I use, adjusting hydration and salt content for different ingredients:
Makes 10 loaves:
One 5lb bag (2270g) KA bread flour
1400g spring water
50g sea salt
900g levain (100% hydration, made with KA whole wheat flour)
Roughly 500g of additional ingredient(s) (see below)

I realize some purists may not like the idea of adding things to rustic loaves, but I'm sure there's some imaginative folks out there with ingredient ideas I haven't thought of.

This is what I have so far:
Kalamata olive

Roasted garlic & fresh rosemary

Walnut & cranberry

Artichoke hearts and sundried tomatoes
Jalapeño and mushrooms

Raisin and pecan

Sunflower and poppy seed
Caramelized sweet onion

Coarse sea salt with garlic infused olive oil
Garlic and red onion with a touch of cayenne
Fresh cilantro with a touch of cumin

Assorted raisins with a touch of cinnamon

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Can I be your friend? I would love to know what kind of kitchen equipment you use to bake at such volume at home!

As for flavors, I made black walnut (insanely expensive),walnut, date biscotti that I want to try in a loaf of bread. I would also try to do a lemon/fennel recommendation. Sounds intriguing.

My daily breakfast bread is Red Whole wheat,cardamom coriander with yellow raisins, craisins and walnuts. I always go back to that one.


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Raisins and fennel is an excellent combination.  Cherry Vanilla?