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Poilane-Style Miche from BBA

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Poilane-Style Miche from BBA

Well I was able to cross off a long standing item on my to-bake list with this Miche from The Bread Baker's Apprentice.


I followed the instructions very closely.  I used half Whole Wheat Flour and half Bread Flour.  It has been cool here so I did not have to refrigerate the starter overnight, I just left it on the counter.  The recipe calls for 18 to 22 ounces of water and I used about 20.  Next time I would go with 22 ounces to make the bread a bit less stiff and open up the holes in the crumb more.  My times matched those in the book very closely.


Dough turned out onto some parchment paper.  I used half Rice Flour and and half AP Flour for dusting the couch.  There was no sticking.

Slashing was done with a razor blade on a coffee stirrer.

I got some very nice oven spring during the baking of this loaf.

Crumb was a little tight.


The flavor was great the day after bake.  I will have to see how the flavor develops over the next day or two.  The Dough weighted 2100 grams and the baked weight was 1892 grams (about 10% weight loss).




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I should give the Miche a try again, too.

Happy New Year,


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This makes me happy to see this, Thank you for posting. It is so gorgeous and the taste is stellar..

Maybe I will be able to bake this bread in 2012..

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That is an awesome looking miche. I love the profile. Such height! Perfect caramelisation of the crust and the scoring and crumb are spot on.

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Wow! its a beauty to look at, Dwayne! Well done!


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Great baking!  -Varda

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A beautiful example of this bread. A great way to start the year.


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What an impressive miche : )  just lovely!


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That is one gorgeous miche!
:^) from breadsong

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Man, that is so sweet!!!!  Looks just like the pictures in BBA!!!

Good job! Totally awesome!! :)

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Thanks for everyone kind words.  It was a fun bread to bake and I have enjoyed eating it as well.  I have not noticed much change over the few days since the bake.  I thought that I would post a few more p[ictures for people to see.

View from the top

I really liked the color of the crust.

Close crumb shot.