Fitting them into a business plan will prove even more challenging I guess?


I am thinking if you can find your niche it can be done....I have a car mechanic who does this perfectly.....rare now-a-days but a testament of sorts that it can be done....a passion followed with sound business plan - not to be swayed by popular - he operates out of a very small and old 4 car garage - old plastic furniture in his small waiting room....only thing new in the place are the parts he orders to repair the cars.....His business flurishes but you have to get on a waiting list for anything he isn't in it for the money.  HIs 2 sons are his only employees and his wife sometimes answers the phone on busy days.  He always has time to chat...has never fixed something that doesn't need to be fixed....he lives within his means so he doesn't need to gouge clients to pay for his over extending himself.....rare individual indeed.

Take Care,