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Our first sourdough loaf and baguettes and King Arthur recipe Beautiful Burger Buns

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Our first sourdough loaf and baguettes and King Arthur recipe Beautiful Burger Buns

Hi Gang,

This is our first sourdough loaf and some very easy and very tasty burger buns, recipe from King Arthur Flour.

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And Happy New Year!


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Hi Gang,

here's the recipe

it available at king arthur flour's website, search beautiful burger buns or search under top rated recipes.

I'm trying to work my way around the spam filter and get you this top rated recipe from KAF.


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Well, that didn't work, I clicked on the link and it disappeared instead of connecting me. What is the deal with the spam filter you mentioned having trouble with. I thought we could post recipes, they were not copywritable. Thanks, Jean P.(VA)

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You should be clear now.


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by setting the spam filter on your file so that you can post links, meantime here is a link for the beautiful burger buns from KAF.

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Thanks Robyn for helping us post the burger buns recipe!

We made a delicious sourdough deep-dish tonight, the best pizza we've made at home to date,(10 years worth of pizzas)

wife's pizza sauce, Walmart shredded mozz. cheese(great for deep dish), Publix hot chicken Italian sausage, thick cut pepperoni, fresh jalapeno, fresh sliced baby bella mushrooms, fresh garlic, shaved red onion and stuffed green olives.


I tried to post more pictures but I get a message saying size too large, only allowed size is <1.0 mb, I'll research it.  We have Kodak  Easyshare.



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You need to re-size your images to around 4X6 at 72 dpi. Depending on your camera, you might be able to set the camera on low resolution and be fine. Otherwise use a editing software to reduce the size. Hope this helps.