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New - Cali Mom

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New - Cali Mom

Hi - I am really glad I found these forums to answer some of my most pressing questions and to get new and fresh ideas. I am new to artisan bread baking and have sincerely found a passion for it. I have purchased a kitchen-aid mixer this past Christmas and now plan to kick my baking into overdrive. I am going to get a few of the Reinhardt books to start me off. However, checkin in with you guys sure would be helpful as well. Glad your all here and I look forward to seeing some more pics of these great loaves.


~ Zen ~

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Welcome to the site. I am new to bread baking as well and looking forward to learning.


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I don't know how long you've been lurking about.  If you've read what I've written to newbies before, then move on now.  But, on the off chance you haven't, here are some suggestions. 

Practice, practice, practice.  Then report on your successes and failures to the rest of us.  We love to learn from others.

Read TFL regularly.  Follow up with reviews of questions especially relevant to your own interests.

Before you post questions, use the search function to its fullest extent.  Few questions asked haven't been asked in the past.  You'll get your answers and more through the search.

Lots of questions are answered in the video section.  Use your favorite search engine for videos as well.

Learn the distinction between cookbook and textbook.  I recommend using a textbook over a cookbook, especially when you're at the beginning.  Texts teach from the ground up in a way that cookbooks don't.  I have lots cookbooks and texts.  All have something to teach.  But I recommend a short textbook to start.  Try DiMuzio's Bread Baking.  It's quite elegant as a place to start.

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I just looked at the inside contents to DiMuzio's Bread Baking book on Amazon...its amazing! I was having a difficult time figuring out what "text" to start with. I think I'll start with DiMuzio's first. Thank you for distinguishing the difference.