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How to get more rise in Rye loaf

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How to get more rise in Rye loaf

New to the bread making, and looking for some advice, hopefully a few simple things to try to get my Rye loaf a little more 'airy'.

On about my 6th attempt on Rye, and is going okay, but of everything i have corrected, the densness of the bread still remains.

I don't know the terminology yet, but I'll try my best.

The basic flour to water mixture is about 8c(5.5 bread four + 2.5 Rye) to 2C of water.Plus 1C of buttermilk(to act like the sour starter) Using about 1 pkg of active dry yeast the night before, 1pkg the next day when i add all the rest the starter.

This last attempt watched some video's on kneading, and it turned out a little better. But it is still dense, and i read that a good hearty rye will be dense. But i would like to have it just a little mor 'fluffy/airy'. I can't seem to get it past a certain point.

This last attempt after kneading, i let it rise, about an our. then divided into smaller loafs, gave a them a little extra kneading, and shaped, let rise about an hour. Although this second rise never seems to get to double, the first did easily.

They seem to rise nice in the oven, but they tend to split on the side, not as badly this past time, i used a butter wash before putting them in the oven 375 for 25-30mins. plus i also use a tray wiht water to provide a little steam.

What are some basic things i can try to get little more airyiness to the bread?




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Happy Holidays!   Welcome to TFL, Cowboy!   

Oops!  That's a sourdough recipe!  

Let me see... if you add the buttermilk to the rye first without the yeast, letting it soak and get sour maybe an hour or more before combining with the wheat yeast poolish.  Combine the two wet flours, salt, etc, , and knead to blend them.  Then go thru a bulk rise etc.   Someone figure the hydration, it looks dry to me!  (or the cups are throwing me off)  I think one package of yeast would work just fine using only half of it in the overnite pre-ferment.  Give it time to rise, although there is only 30% rye flour in the dough, rye stretches slowly, rushing it with too much yeast might mean a denser loaf.  

Um 72% max hydration total, if the wheat dough is too dry try adding more water, like up to 1/3 cup more.  

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Here's a no-knead recipe that yields a nice airy rye.

3 1/2 c.       AP  460g

   1/2 c.       Rye  61g

1 1/2 c.       Water  300g

   1/2 c.       Bass Ale  122g

2. tps.         Salt

1/2 tsp.       Yeast

2  Tbs.        Caraway seeds

 1                Egg white (for wash)Incorporate dry Ingredients then wet. Mix thoroughly. Let forment 18 - 24 hours.  Stretch and fold several times.  Let rest for 15 mins.   


Shape and let rise for 1 hour.   


 Pre-heat oven and dutch oven to 500

10 mins. @ 435 covered

35 mins. @ 435 uncovered Brush with diluted egg wash immediately after baking.N.B.  I use a 4 qt. oval cast iron dutch oven and I slash the loaves at the 10 minute mark when they are uncovered.
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Looks great, i'll have to invest in a dutch oven, been wanting one, but had nothing to really make.

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