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I've been reading here for several months ...

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I've been reading here for several months ...

... and my breadbaking has improved considerably!  Terrific site, my compliments to Floyd.  My thanks to the dedicated bakers of TFL community who generously share their knowledge. 

I thank you and my husband also thanks you  --  he loves my new bread :>) 

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I read TFL quite regularly.  I often send notes to Newbies containing my suggestions about how best to make use of the site and its various resources.  I make suggestions such as remembering to use the Search function, watch all the videos, and consider buying a textbook instead of any cookbooks.  Have you seen my notes? 

What is it that that you've used from TFL that has helped your baking?


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... I don't think so.

And thank you, too, to the experts and amateurs who share so willingly.  And the atmosphere of freedom to share mistakes without anyone ever suggesting, "Well, you twit, what makes you think you should make bread?"

It's week 3 of the ITJB "challenge" and my honey wheat challah is on to rise and I know I have some online friends who will admire the pictures of my misshapen braids and encourage me to continue baking.  What a warm feeling ... like eating fresh bread.

Again, thank you, Floyd ... and everyone else, too.