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Tartine Country Loaves from this morning

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Tartine Country Loaves from this morning

A few of my Country Loaves I baked this morning.

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cake diva

I am coveting these right now....

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Simply Beautiful...I would be very proud to have baked these!

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Thanks for the groovy vibes!  I appreciate the encouragement.

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Hey, they look good.

Love the crust ... dramatic ... and I can see a lovely translucent crumb beneath. Any photos of the crumb?


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Here's a pic of the crumb - not as "artistic" as the other shots but gives you the peak of the inside.'s picture

Your loaves look beautiful.  Very nicely done, indeed.  I use Chad's method of cooking boules in a dutch oven in order to get the humidity from the baking bread for the first 20 minutes, which works amazingly well.  Chad's book provide detailed folding instructions for preparing the boule.  I am looking for suggestions for folding instructions to prepare these longer shapes (don't know name) you have prepared here.  I have found that the folding technique can lead to different results in the oven spring.  Second and related question, how do you increase oven humidity sufficiently to bake these loaves?

Any help is appreciated.  Again, excellent looking loaves.