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Christmas and other Festive season breads

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Christmas and other Festive season breads

For the last few weeks I've been making a range of different breads in recognition of the Festive season. Even invented (discovered?) a couple of new ones. (Well, for one I’ve made a festive Swedish tea ring using tinned peaches and glace cherries. Can I claim ownership? Probably not! :( )

The main focus has been on what I call a ‘Christmas loaf’, which is basically a fruit bun dough formed into a loaf with marzipan and cherries running through it – sort of a stollen-light, tarted up a bit.

And I’ve also had a lot of ‘Fun with mincemeat’, secure in the knowledge that anything made with pastry can be made with a bread dough. So, instead of mince pies, make mincemeat doughnuts. 

But I’m aware I’m just scratching the surface – there are many, many Festive breads out there and I’d love to hear about ones that you’ve made – or intend to make one day!

Cheers, Paul

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Not sure what to call it but I tried pannetone and I wasn't happy with the texture. However I love brioche. So I am marrying the 2 recipes. The marriage has been consummated tonight-as a matter of fact. The dough is in a container for an overnight retard in the refrigerator. My hands are scented with orange flower water and vanilla-lovely perfume. The loaf is a medium rich brioch  but based on an active,well-fed sourdough. It will have the aforementioned extracts along with diced,candied orange peel,orange zest,diced candied pineapple, and dried cranberries. Probably very nontraditional for pannettone but a combination I like. I will bake tomorrow and let you know how it turned out. Should I call it Panetoche?

I will also be making a stollen for Christmas breakfast-I think it is dresden style-fruited dough,no filling,cardamom flavored and dusted with sugar.

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It's Bernard Clayton's Pain Allemande aux Fruits.  I usually make this around Christmas time because it is so packed with fruit, nuts and spices; the house smells like Christmas while it is baking!  It is wonderful for gifting but there's always one loaf that never makes it out of the house. ;-)