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sour starter

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sour starter

Has any one tried building  2 separate starters a weak (less fed for more sour flavor) and a strong one ( for a good rise) and using them together the help to produce more sour bread

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Yes a mixed/separate srarter(s) is a good option. One for flavor and one for yeast. Go for it and report back!


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Juergen Krauss

A lot of German breads use rye sour for taste and acidity and yeast to boost the rise.

Wolfgang Suepke has a recipe on his blog for White Bread where he does that. (very nice bread. white, but not French)

I made a pain de campagne the other day, following Di Muzio's formula, but scalded and soured the rye part, and this bread is amazing. I might pick up on your idea for a new version of this bread. (Pain de Saint Francois???)