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How to convert the following recipe

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How to convert the following recipe

How do I convert the following recipe I got from a german baking forum. As quite usual in Germany they use SD and commercial yeast. Since it is too difficult without a proof box to hold the temperature @ 80 degree for 16 hours I like to bake this bread using only yeast. I am sure I can do it with a preferment but I'd like to have some input from this knowledgeable forum.

Haferflocken Brot  (Oat bread)


85gr BF

85gr water

9gr. starter

mix and let ferment for 16 hours@80 F


300gr. oats roasted

600gr hot water

mix and let sit for 16 hours at room temp.


Mix SD and soaker

475gr BF

120gr Rye flour

200 gr. Water

21 gr Salt

15gr. yeast

1 Tbsp Malt or Molasses

I have done this bread according to the recipe. ( I posted a pic, I think "German Oat meal bread)I like it very much. It is very moist und the oat flavour is wonderful. Thanks for your input.

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I would not worry so much about the 80F temp for the SD - I would go with 16 hours at room temp.  The SD is really just a "poolish" - I would use

88 gr water

88 gr flour

3 gr instant yeast

The soaker will take 16 hours - so both the poolish and the soaker start at the same time.  The poolish is not really any work and I am sure it will yield a much better flavor than not using it and bumping up the yeast.

Good luck and good baking


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on the lowest setting. But honestly, I have cold-fermented/retarded many German recipes like this and never had a problem. Probably not the answer you were looking for, but just my 2 cents. If you leave out the SD altogether, you have to adjust your hydration balance overall.