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white whole wheat flour

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white whole wheat flour

back again, haven't had any time to work on my oat meal whole wheat project yet, but i did find a bag of the new white whole wheat flour at the grocery and wondered if it works the same as old whole wheat in the it still helps to add gluten for a better rise?

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13.0    KA white whole wheat
14.0    KA Whole Wheat Flour = Hard red spring wheat

Also from King Arthur;

Thanks for contacting us. Here is some helpful information on white whole wheat flour and how to use it:

White whole wheat is not bleached, it is ground from a variety of wheat called (somewhat confusingly) "white wheat", which naturally has a lighter colored bran. "White Wheat" is not a genetically modified organism (GMO) it was bred in the traditional way.

Regular whole wheat is ground from a variety of wheat called "red wheat", which has a dark red bran. The same substance that colors the bran red also makes flour ground from "red wheat" taste a little bitter - which a lot of people don't like. "White wheat" both looks and tastes lighter, because it is naturally lacking this red pigment.

White whole wheat contains the entire bran (where the fiber is) and germ (where the vitamins are) of the wheat -- just like traditional whole wheat -- making it as nutritious as regular whole wheat. The main difference between the two is flavor. You can use these two flours interchangeably in recipes.

Happy Baking! Sincerely, MaryJane, Customer Care
King Arthur Flour


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I have worked with this and it produces a slightly golden colored loaf. It behaves exactly like its redder colored counterpart but the grassy (some people call bitter) flavor is gone. In fact, in my book, it has no flavor at all. When I bake with it, I make sure I use a pre-ferment and I usually mix it with some other flour. Some people like the blandness. So try it and see what you think.

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Hi again mawil 1013,

I believe the 14% protein from King Arthur Flour, is their organic white whole wheat, and the 13% is not. I have used KA's organic white whole wheat with great results. King Arthur's White, or red Wh.Wht, has needed no extra gluten. The process, is the important element for light, high rising loaves.